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Review Policy

Sarah’s Reading Corner is not currently accepting books to review.

(Right now we are unable to accept any new books. We are both working hard to read and review the wonderful books we have received. Hopefully after this summer we can start accepting new books again.)

Here are the types of books that tickle my fancy:

Coming of Age

Contemporary Romance





Humor & Comedy


New Adult




To request a review, please complete the Contact Me form below, including your book title, a brief synopsis, and release date. I want to make sure that the book and I are a good fit. If for some reason I do not feel we are, I will email the author and let them know. However, if I have a guest reviewer interested in providing a honest review for said title, I will forward the book to the review with the permission of the author.

I accept Mobi and PDF format.

Books will be read in the order they are received unless I am part of a blog tour with set deadlines. If that occurs, I will contact the next two authors of the situation and advise when they can expect their review to be posted.

Please note that all reviews I give will be completely honest. I am not, nor will I ever be, paid for my reviews. An ARC copy does not necessarily guarantee a five out five heart rating. That just because an author sends me a free book does not mean it will get the five out of five hearts. If I cannot give an author three or more hearts I will email the author directly with my rating and why I feel I cannot give the book three or more hearts. I will not post the review unless the author gives me express permission to proceed.

Heart Breakdown

Three Hearts - I enjoyed the book, plot and characters.

Four Hearts- I absolutely loved the book, concept, characters, and plot.

Five Hearts- I adored very thing about the book and will read it over and over.

Guest reviewers are welcome. Please let me know if you would be interested in doing a guest review or reviews for my blog.

If you have any questions please do not be shy. Message me on Facebook or complete my Contact Me form. I will respond within 48-72 hours of receiving your message.